Of the six major teas in China, which one has the best anti-cancer effect?

medicinal value of tea
Tea is an important part of Chinese culture. In addition to being a beverage, tea has medicinal properties. In recent years, tea has received a lot of attention for its anti-cancer properties.
Cancer is one of the most serious health problems in the world today. Many researchers believe that polyphenolic compounds in tea can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These compounds have powerful antioxidant effects, can remove free radicals in the body, slow down cell aging, and thus play a role in preventing cancer.
Tea mainly contains catechins and catechin compounds. Among them, catechin is one of the most powerful anti-cancer ingredients. Through experimental research, it is found that catechin can inhibit the growth and division of cancer cells by regulating apoptosis and cell cycle. In addition, tea polyphenols can also inhibit the enzyme activity of tumor cells, thereby preventing the development of cancer.
Tea polyphenols in tea are a natural antioxidant, especially the main component EGCG, which has a unique curative effect on many cancers, such as uterine cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer and breast cancer cancer etc. However, different types of tea also have different contributions to the anti-cancer effect.
Scientists used 1.25g of green tea plus 100mL of boiling water as the only drink for mice, which could reduce the lung tumors induced by chemical carcinogens by 36% to 44%, and reduce the proliferation of tumors by 44% to 60%. Black tea also has the same effect. In addition, treating animals with green or black tea reduced esophagus, stomach, or skin cancers in experimental animals by 70%.
Different varieties of tea have different anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. If the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of tea are ranked:
First place: Oolong tea
Second place: Pu'er tea
Third place: black tea
Fourth place: green tea
Studies have shown that fermented tea has more anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects than non-fermented tea. Therefore, in comparison, oolong tea and Pu'er tea rank high, while green tea ranks low.
How does tea fight cancer?
A substance called EGCG in tea polyphenols has antioxidant effect, can remove free radicals in the body, and help prevent cancer.
EGCG can also inhibit some tumor-promoting enzyme activities, such as protein kinase C, ornithine decarboxylase, cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase, thereby slowing down tumor growth.
There are also some anticancer enzyme activities in tea polyphenols, such as catalase, glutathione-S transferase, etc., which can prevent the spread of cancer cells.
Tea also contains ingredients found almost exclusively in tea that can inhibit the division and growth of cancer cells.
In addition, long-term tea drinkers can also enhance immunity and improve the ability to fight diseases.
If you are worried about cancer, you can remember to drink more tea and let it protect your health!
The health function of tea
Not only that, but tea has many other health benefits. For example, tea has the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, anti-oxidation, and anti-aging. These benefits can reduce the incidence of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, thereby improving people's quality of life.
Despite the many health benefits of tea, it's important to note that the way you drink it is also crucial. First of all, don't drink too much to avoid excessive intake of theanine and other ingredients, leading to adverse reactions such as insomnia and stomach pain. Secondly, we must choose a good tea brand to ensure that it is free from pesticides and heavy metal pollution. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of boiling tea, so as not to lose the active ingredients of tea.
In conclusion, tea has great potential in fighting cancer. Although the current research is still somewhat controversial, more and more people are beginning to realize the health value of tea. Therefore, we should make full use of the efficacy of tea and make it an important companion for us to keep healthy. Stay healthy and inject more vigor and vitality into your life.


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