About Us


The story between us and TAETEA began in 2004. In that year, our founder graduated from university and entered the workplace. Fate arranged an important restructuring, and an innocent girl participated in the reform of the Menghai tea factory. This moment has become an important node in the development history of Pu'er tea in China, and it is also the beginning of the brilliant rise of TAETEA Group. Since then, we have formed a never-fading relationship with Puer Tea and TAETEA.

we opened tea shop

In 2005, we opened our first tea shop and started intimate contact with tea lovers. We are committed to selling Pu'er tea and promoting tea culture, which makes our circle of friends continue to expand, and the number of tea shops also increases. At the same time, our love for the tea industry has grown deeper.

love what we do

Our daily job is to taste tea, discuss tea, sell tea, and become tea friends with our customers. We often organize tea parties to drink tea and chat with new and old friends, and enjoy a good time with a cup of tea. We will also join hands with other partners of TAETEA to go out to learn tea knowledge, promote tea culture, and do our part for public welfare. We love our jobs.

Why open online store?

We often hear tea lovers tell us that "you should open online store". COVID-19 has made us realize that an online store can keep us in touch with customers at all times, and through it, we can share our high-quality tea and tea culture in China To share with friends all over the world, we opened TAETEASTORE.

Therefore, our original intention is actually very simple:


"you should open online store"

Foreign friends often come to our store to drink tea and buy tea. They pay special attention to the health of their diet and like to learn about the different tea drinking culture in China. When they return to their own country, they can easily buy what they like Chinese tea, we will all be happy.

"you should open online store"

There are also overseas Chinese who come to our store to buy tea. They are afraid of being confiscated at the airport if they buy too much, and if they buy too little, they have to trouble their friends to buy and send it from China. If TAETEASTORE can make tea buying less awkward, perhaps it will bring us a little more happiness.

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No matter where you are
we can share a good time with a cup of tea