TAETEA Industry Group Co., Ltd. (core enterprise: Menghai Tea Factory) is a leader in China's tea industry, founded in 1940. TAETEA Group adheres to the core values of "cherish tea and love people", pursues the code of conduct of "tea people's dignity", and carries forward the tea ceremony spirit of "tea people's benevolence". The core is a modern large-scale enterprise group that runs through the entire industrial chain of scientific research, planting, production, marketing and culture. Its production scale, sales, profits and taxes, and comprehensive brand influence lead the industry, and it has more than 2,000 brand franchise stores.

Menghai Tea Factory With a history of more than 80 years, Menghai Tea Factory is a core member enterprise of TAETEA Group and one of the oldest tea production enterprises. The artificial stacking fermentation technology was successfully developed in Menghai Tea Factory, and a large number of surviving classic Pu'er teas were born here. Adhering to the craftsman spirit of "one heart is only to make tea", for decades, the tea factory has continuously improved the level of modern automated production while inheriting the tea-making skills, and independently designed and developed a series of new types of proprietary tea with intellectual property rights. There are tea making facilities. Through the construction and use of several assembly lines, the annual production of finished tea has reached 10,000 tons, which is the mainstay of promoting the development of modern Pu'er tea industry.

Pu'er tea standard setter

Technology and Heritage

The production process of TAETEA Pu’er tea has been selected into the list of national intangible cultural heritage. The most critical technologies are research and blending technology and fermentation technology. The development of the tea industry has set standards.TAETEA keeps innovating its leading blending technology and fermentation technology to maintain its leading edge in the industry; it has a large number of classic Puer tea formulas; it creates a new microbial intelligent tea-making process.


R&D process

TAETEA has the unique research and compounding technology in the industry. Tea research and blending is a superb and ingenious technology. It combines two or more teas with different properties and certain commonalities to improve the quality and stabilize the taste. TAETEA has a raw material warehouse with a capacity of 10,000 tons, and professional tea makers with rich experience. According to the advantages and disadvantages of different years, regions, and seasons, the fine ratio of tea leaves makes Dayi tea have a strong taste, a high fragrance, and the older it is, the more fragrant it is. After storage, it has rich flavor levels and other characteristics.The countless classic formulas of Dayi have been proven in the market for decades, and they are enduring and have a long aftertaste.

Fermentation Technology

Fermentation is one of the core technologies for making ripe Puer tea, and its success is directly related to the quality of ripe Puer tea. As the founder of "Puer tea artificial stacking fermentation technology". Since 1973, the Menghai Tea Factory, with its mature and unique craftsmanship, has undergone continuous fermentation for nearly 50 years, forming the world-famous "Menghai Flavor".

In 2016, on the basis of the second generation of artificial fermenting and heaping fermentation, TAETEA successfully launched the third generation of intelligent fermentation technology, which is the "microbial tea making method", to make the fermentation process of tea more transparent and more healthy. Safe, purer and healthier in taste, leading the development of Chinese tea with biotechnology innovation.

High-quality Pu’er tea source

The production source of TAETEA is located in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, which is the core production area of Pu’er tea and the birthplace of tea trees in the world. In order to ensure the richness and high quality of raw materials of Puer tea, TAETEA has been making Puer tea source layout since 2004. TAETEA owns two ecological tea gardens of 10,000 mu in Bada Mountain and Bulang Mountain, more than 200 primary production plants all over the major tea mountains, and more than 60,000 tons of uninterrupted raw materials stored for years, forming TAETEA's unique raw material storage advantages.


Bulang tea plantation

Known as the "Pearl of the Green Sea", the Brown Mountain Tea Plantation is surrounded by timber forests and broad-leaved forests for tens of kilometers, which is a typical ecological tea plantation. The forest and tea are staggered in the field, and the streams are competing. There are more than 10,000 acres of high-yield tea gardens, and the tea produced is strong and pollution-free. It is a famous mountain product collected by many Chinese and foreign Pu'er tea lovers.

Bada tea plantation

The Bada Base is located on Bada Mountain, about 60 kilometers west of Menghai County, with an average altitude of over 1,700 meters. The climate is mild throughout the year, with abundant rainfall. The tea trees are shrouded in clouds and mist all day long during the tea growing season. The tea produced is of high-quality high mountain tea. quality.

TAETEA Tea Factory