Maximize the value of each piece of tea | Interpretation of the "beauty of research and blending" of TAETEA Tea

"TAETEA tea production technique" was selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list, which is a milestone in the development of Yunnan Pu'er tea industry.
Among them, there are continuous innovation and leading blending technology and fermentation technology, as well as microbial intelligent tea-making technology pioneered by TAETEA.
Among them, the blending technology with the longest history enables TAETEA to make full use of tea leaves with different endoplasmic characteristics (including from different regions, different seasons, different grades, etc.) to build a rich, harmonious and stable taste of the product, which also resulted in A large selection of classic Puer tea products.
Today, we will share with you the "beauty of research and blending" of TAETEA Tea.
What is Puer tea blending?
Tea research and blending refers to the tea making process of combining two or more teas with different shapes and qualities and certain compatibility in order to achieve the ideal taste, by studying the characteristics of raw materials and mastering the formula rules.
Research and blending includes research and development and blending, which is a commonly used method to improve and stabilize the quality of tea.
After more than 70 years of research, TAETEA has summed up the experience of the predecessors, refined the hidden needs into research and formulation ideas, and solidified the ideas into formulas, made products, and finally formed TAETEA Tea's unique tea after the test of consumers. R&D technology.
How are classic TAETEA tea products developed?
First of all, we need to understand the purpose of research and blending—or to avoid its shortcoming, or to beautify its shape, or to even out its color, or to enhance its fragrance, or to enhance its flavor.
Many recipes of TAETEA were invented in the 1970s, developed in the 1980s, and matured in the 1990s. After decades of market verification, it has been unanimously recognized by the audience. Among them, 7572 and 7542, which are most familiar to consumers, are known as "benchmark products for judging the quality of Pu'er tea".
In order to achieve the purpose of research and blending, TAETEA has built a set of rigorous research and blending theoretical system to realize the "complementary advantages" and "selection" of tea substances.
Take TAETEA classic product 7542 as an example
In terms of physical level, its tea leaves span multiple levels, and the comprehensive level reaches level 4. This is done so that the tea cake has a reasonable physical structure and can be post-fermented in an orderly manner. Use medium-strong tea leaves as the skeleton, use tender tea leaves as the filling, and use mature tea leaves as the blend, so as to ensure the moderate elasticity of the molding process and form a three-dimensional network structure to ensure the physical structure of the later transformation. From the endoplasmic level, we use not only spring tea with rich ingredients, but also autumn tea with high aroma and long stalk; regionally, we not only use Brown tea with strong taste, but also Mengsong tea with high aroma and sweetness. area; In terms of morphology, both stems with higher amino acid content and leaves with more tea polyphenols are used, and the rich endoplasmic combination ensures the material basis for later transformation.
One of the advantages of TAETEA Research and Preparation
Highly professional research and development team
For many years, the idea of Puer tea research and blending has achieved inheritance and breakthroughs in the hands of TAETEA people, realizing the upgrade from ideas to products and then to research and blending formulas, so that Puer tea research and blending has a complete and systematic open method, and can continue to innovate . This is due to the fact that TAETEA has a very professional team - the R&D team of the production department of Menghai Tea Factory.
This team has gathered a group of "craftsmen" who specialize in product development and blending technology. One of the main contents of their work is to combine Puer tea raw materials from different regions, different seasons, different grades, different storage years, and different degrees of fermentation through numerous attempts to find the best tea. The scheme makes the tea taste the closest to the expected taste.
The R&D team of the production department of Menghai Tea Factory generally maintains about 20 members, consisting of personnel responsible for raw material analysis and product blending. Most of them graduated from tea science majors in well-known universities, mainly born in the 1980s, and more than 80% of them have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in tea science. To enter this team, 3 years of technical experience is only a threshold, and among them there are many elite soldiers who have worked in R&D positions for more than 10 years.
The second advantage of TAETEA Research and Distribution
A solid raw material foundation
Research and compounding is the method, and the raw material is the foundation.
After nearly 80 years of development, Menghai Tea Factory is deeply rooted in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, one of the birthplaces of tea trees in the world and the core production area of Pu’er tea. Its raw material advantages are far ahead in the industry.
TAETEA tea has rich sources of raw materials. Purchasing raw materials in the self-operated tea garden + supplier cooperation mode, TAETEA collects a large number of high-quality raw materials from inside and outside Menghai County every year. It provides a rich selection of materials for the research and blending of Pu'er tea.
TAETEA’s self-operated Bada base and Brown base were completed and put into production in 1988, with a total area of 20,894 mu. They are located in the famous New Six Tea Mountains. The teas produced are of high quality and unique, and are very popular.
As for the acquisition of TAETEA tea raw materials, it adopts the mode of seeking cooperation from suppliers. The raw material purchase points of TAETEA Tea are as close as Menghai County and as far as Lincang area; among them, the purchase points in Menghai County are the most concentrated, covering 9 townships, 36 village committees, and 212 village groups. There are more than 100 suppliers.
The raw material of TAETEA tea emphasizes storage and aging. TAETEA innovatively puts forward the concept of storing and aging raw materials before use, because different years have different characteristics of different years, and different seasons have different advantages of different seasons. Each region has its own unique features, which can be fully deployed and fully utilized.
Since its restructuring in 2004, TAETEA has successively built large-scale raw material warehouses, and the raw material storage years have been continuous, which has formed TAETEA's unique raw material storage advantages.
These advantages are the result of decades of development and the unremitting efforts of several generations of tea professionals in Menghai Tea Factory.
It is difficult to make good tea, especially the research and blending. Adhering to the spirit of "one heart is only for making good tea", TAETEA insists on providing all tea lovers with Pu'er tea that suits their needs.
Every piece of tea has its mission. In TAETEA, the part of their value that is beneficial to people will be fully reflected;
Every piece of tea has its own personality. There are no two identical leaves in the world, but the quality of TAETEA tea products can achieve a high degree of stability and consistency.
The tea from every tea mountain in Yunnan has its own unique taste, but TAETEA Tea is never limited to a single taste and overuse, but pursues a comprehensive balance of taste and creates endless changes.
This is the beauty of research and matching.
With this excellent tea-making process, high-quality products are brought—craft value has become a part of the core value system of TAETEA tea products, and it is an important feature that distinguishes TAETEA tea products from other tea products.
TAETEA, using technology to promote the sustainable development of the tea industry, is worthy of consumers' choice.


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