Is it better to drink raw Puer tea or ripe Puer tea?

One of the questions I get asked the most: Is it better to drink raw Puer tea or ripe Pu-er tea?
Obviously I asked the other party, do you like drinking raw tea or ripe tea? Never expected that the other party would come back with a carbine? It was a real surprise.
For new tea lovers, raw Pu-er tea and ripe Pu-er tea are like two mazes, and they both want to explore, so they are hesitant.
Is it better to drink raw Pu-er tea or ripe Pu-er tea? Let's put aside other elements first, and just share the taste of Pu'er tea. In fact, it is hard to distinguish.
Below, we share with you the difference between raw tea and cooked tea through several aspects:
Different colors
A. The color of dry tea is different. The tea cake color of raw Pu-er tea is mainly dark green. With the later transformation, the color of dry tea is gradually reddish. The color of tea cakes of 30-year-old raw tea is very similar to that of ripe tea.
B. The color of the tea soup is different. The tea soup of raw Pu-er tea is mainly orange in color, the tea soup of old Pu-er raw tea is a little reddish (due to the reason of post-transformation), and the tea soup of ripe tea is mainly royal red.
Different taste
The taste of raw Pu-er tea can be described as a roller coaster, each brew can be different, it will stimulate the secretion of saliva in your mouth, enhance your sense of body, enlarge your pores, and let you associate with each other. I remember a tea friend once said that the taste of this tea was so amazing that I couldn't help but think about it...
The taste of Pu-er ripe tea is "stable" as the name suggests, mellow and mild as always. Raw tea and ripe tea, one is like spring, full of flowers, easy to make people fall in love at first sight; the other is like autumn, warm and quiet, mature with every gesture.
Different aroma
The aroma of raw Pu-er tea is more individual, while the aroma of ripe Pu-er tea is calmer. The aromas of lotus, jujube, and aged are much more stable and more flavorful than the aromas of nectar and rock sugar.
Different effects
Some netizens complained about drinking Pu-er tea and having no sleep all night. I asked him what kind of tea he drank? He said raw tea.
Obviously, it was wrong. Raw Pu-er tea has a high polyphenol content, drinking too much at night will cause insomnia, but drinking ripe Pu-er tea will not cause insomnia.
Raw Pu-er tea is more effective in scraping oil than cooked tea. Raw Pu-er tea is more irritating to the stomach than ripe tea. It seems that many of them have the same compound properties, but the specific health effects are still different.
Collection and drinking value are different
In the Pu-er tea industry, there is a saying: keep new tea, drink old tea. Most tea lovers buy raw tea for collection, and buy ripe tea for drinking.
Old tea? ripe tea? Does it matter? Yes, before 1973, there was no Pu-er ripe tea. The original intention of ripe tea was to let us drink "old tea" earlier. Therefore, people started to make Pu'er raw tea, and then there was Pu'er ripe tea.
It can be seen that the difference between raw Pu'er tea and ripe Pu'er tea is very large.
Is it better to drink raw tea or ripe tea? We can choose according to our own needs, don't drink blindly.
Drinking ripe tea in the morning can help detoxify the stomach, drinking raw tea in the afternoon is more suitable for refreshing, and drinking ripe tea at night will not affect sleep.
Drinking tea should also be chosen according to each person's physique. For friends with more yang energy, you can drink more raw tea.
For friends who are prone to cold hands and feet, you can drink more ripe tea, which will help improve the body's yang energy while warming up.
What kind of tea should I drink? Our body reacts differently to different teas. You can pay more attention and choose teas that nourish our body and mind.


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