Expose the inside story of the tea industry, subvert your cognition, whether you drink tea or not, take a look!

A few days ago a tea customer came over for tea.
As the tea artisan slowly pours boiling water into the tureen, the aroma of tea overflows in an instant.
We all thought that tea drinkers would praise the aroma of this tea, but we never expected that he would say, "I've never had such a fragrant tea, did you add something?"
Our young lady tea artisan was confused, what's going on.
Yes, flavored teas do exist, however, our teas are all natural and free of additives.
How can you tell if your tea has spices added?
Soak it twice and you'll know!
If spices are added to the tea, the aroma of the tea will fall off a cliff.
Generally speaking, the aromatic substances in tea are the same as other contained substances. During the brewing process, they are gradually leached out, and there is a stepwise decrease, and there will be no cliff-like decline.
Why is tea so fragrant without additives?
This has a lot to do with the age of the tea tree, the production process, and the brewing technique.
tree age. The most typical example is the aroma of ancient tree tea and platform tea. The aroma of ancient tree tea is strong and long-lasting, while the fragrance of platform tea is not long-lasting.
Craftsmanship. There are nearly 100 kinds of aroma substances in fresh leaves, more than 200 kinds after making green tea, and more than 400 kinds of supporting black tea.
In addition, some teas have a process of increasing fragrance, which will also make the tea more fragrant.
brew. There is a saying like this: "Fragrant depends on punching, soup depends on hanging." High punching speed can speed up the leaching of aromatic substances in tea, and the brewed tea has more aroma.
season. The simplest example is that the aroma of autumn tea will be higher than that of spring tea.
tenderness. Here, I have to mention the tea stem. The hiding place of tea's aromatic substances.
The aromatic substances of tea are mainly in the main veins of tea stalks and young leaves, and tea stalks contain the highest aromatic substances.
After reading these points, you will understand that "the quality of tea with good aroma is not necessarily good", which completely subverts your cognition.
Of course, from the perspective of tea evaluation, aroma is only one of them, and we cannot judge its quality based on "tea aroma".
When tasting Pu-erh tea, I often hear tea lovers discussing "is this tea fragrant with flowers and fruits or nectar?"
After research, it is found that Pu'er tea has hundreds of aromatic substances, which means that the aroma of tea will not appear alone. Fruity and honeyed.
With the later aging of Pu-erh tea, its aromatic substances will be volatilized, oxidized or transformed. Not set in stone.


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