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CHUNQIU DAYI Ripe  Pu’er Tea (2001)-taeteastore
CHUNQIU DAYI Ripe  Pu’er Tea (2001)-taeteastore
CHUNQIU DAYI Ripe  Pu’er Tea (2001)-taeteastore
CHUNQIU DAYI Ripe  Pu’er Tea (2001)-taeteastore
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CHUNQIU DAYI Ripe Pu’er Tea (2001)

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Brand: Taetea
Ingredients: Yunnan Big-Leaf Pu’er Tea
Net Weight: 357g
Packing: Standard paper package
Manufacturer: Taetea Group, Menghai Tea Factory
Storage condition: Keep in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, potent odors and contaminants.
Types of Pu’er Tea: Ripe Pu’er Tea
Appearance: Tea Cake
Batch: 2001
Processing Technology: Taetea Processing Technology
Country of Origin: China

Tea Features
Selected raw materials of ancient tree tea in the core production area of Brown Mountain, fermented and blended by the "taeteaTea Production Technique" selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list. the
Chunqiu Dayi cakes are round and plump, with reddish-brown tea sticks and golden velvet-covered tea buds all in one, plump and strong; the soup is deep and thick, with red luster; the aroma of dry tea, soup and cup is charming and rich, unique The dried fruit aroma is full of strong woody and sugary aromas, with subtle floral aromas; the taste is heavy and layered, and the bitter tea tannins are solid and plump, and the soup feels silky and delicate, which is rare on the lips and teeth The tea is cool and has endless aftertaste; the bottom of the tea is fermented just right, brownish red and moist, the stems are fat and the buds are tender, and there is infinite space for aging, and every bit of aging is worth savoring.