How much do you know about the classic "five old things" of TAETEA?

Every time a new tea product of TAETEA is launched, it will attract widespread attention from the tea industry. Although each tea product has its own unique charm and taste, I believe that many old tea lovers still enjoy talking about the classic "five old teas" of TAETEA. Taoism, many new tea lovers adore them spontaneously.
TAETEA classic "Old Five" are: 7542, 7572, 8582, 8592, 7262, these five tea products.
Whether it is in terms of sales volume, market coverage, brand influence, or cultural connotation, the five classics of TAETEA can be regarded as an extremely important part of the product structure of TAETEA brand.
7542 & 7572
Introducing the five classic products, of course, we must start with our chief benchmark tea 7542 green cake and 7572 cooked cake. These two teas began to be produced in the mid-1970s. After 40 years of changes, they have become TAETEA A classic example of tea and even Pu'er tea. Some professionals in the tea industry even believe that the two products of 7572 and 7542 have inherited the profound concept of "the mean" of Chinese culture from materials to taste, especially their innate and persistent charm, which ensures the stability of the two teas Sex, created the brilliant achievements of 7572 and 7542 today.
7542 is the green cake with the largest output in TAETEA. It is made of fat and strong tea greens and sprinkled with young shoots and leaves. It is properly ground and blended. The aroma is pure and long-lasting, with floral and fruity aroma, strong taste, good aftertaste, bright yellow soup, and uniform leaf bottom. The structure is full, and the changes in the later stage of storage are relatively rich. It is praised by the market as "the standard product for judging the quality of Pu'er raw tea".
7572 is a cooked tea product that matches 7542. The tea is made of golden hair fine tea sprinkled on the noodles, and the young and strong tea is Licha, which is moderately fermented. The shape of the cake is correct, the elasticity is moderate, the color is dark and golden, the soup color is bright brown and red, the taste is sweet, the taste is mellow, and the overall quality is high. In 2002, after winning the gold medal at the China Pu'er Tea International Symposium, it was praised by the market as "the standard product for judging the quality of ripe pu'er  tea".
8582 & 8592
TAETEA 8582 green cake formula was successfully developed by Menghai Tea Factory in 1985. It was exclusively supplied to Hong Kong Nantian Trading Company at that time. It is the same famous formula product as 7542.
8582 green cake, the cake shape is correct, the color is yellow-green, and the elasticity is suitable; Because the raw materials of Licha are relatively mature, the content of pectin is relatively small, the viscosity is relatively weak, the gap between the tea sticks is large, the contact with the air is sufficient, and it is easier to age. Therefore, the product is very popular among Hong Kong and Taiwan tea merchants as soon as it is launched. And the favorite of tea lovers.
The paired ripe tea is 8592, which is a sweet and fragrant tea. The tea material is selected from the thick tea Qing in the Menghai tea area, which is suitable for tightness and evenly sprinkled on the surface; Maroon, well-proportioned and stemmed.
8592 old tea has always been loved by tea lovers. Among them, the "thick paper Zitian" and other products produced in the early stage are the most valuable (the outer wrapping paper is stamped with a purple "tian" round seal, commonly known as "Zitian"). Hong Kong Linqiyuan Tea Shop also began to customize 8592 cooked cakes in the early 1990s. Because the outer packaging paper is covered with a red "sky" round seal, it is called "Red Sky".
Finally, let’s talk about 7262 cooked cake. 7262 is a relatively low-key classic tea. The meaning of the marks of 7262 is different from that of other models: "7" is to commemorate the successful development of artificial post-fermentation technology in 1973, "2" and "6" respectively represent the grades of raw materials used in tea noodles and tea bottoms, and the last "2" is The serial number of the Menghai tea factory.
Since the production of 7262 in the mid-1970s, the product has always been made of Jinhao fine tea, and the green and strong tea is Licha. It is fermented moderately, and the soup is bright brown and red. It once won the honor of "International Famous Tea Silver Award" in the 6th (Hong Kong) International Famous Tea Competition. After the high-grade cooked cake 7262 was introduced to the market, as a high-end product among conventional cooked cakes, 7262 has been widely accepted and praised by tea lovers and consumers. Using the current words to describe 7262, it is a tea with "low-key luxury and connotation".
Well, that’s all for the five classic products of Dayi tea. The above content is not enough for old tea lovers who are familiar with our Dayi tea. The history of 7542 alone can be said for a day, but for most new tea lovers Or for friends who have just come into contact with TAETEA Tea, this article is enough for them to understand the classic "Old Five".


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